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Ember Falls – Ruins

New Ember Falls long awaited second album out now! Stream it on Spotify or other platforms or buy a physical copy from live shows or record stores around you!


Ember Falls

EMBER FALLS combines a unique brand of charisma and sublime musicianship with an exceptional songwriting sense.

The first EMBER FALLS single ‘Shut Down With Me’ was published independently 20th August 2015. Following this, the band was signed worldwide to Spinefarm Records / Universal Music Group.

So far the band has gained an impressive amount of over 5 million streams, supporting tours for bands like W.A.S.P, Amaranthe, Pain, Turmion Kätilöt, along with  performances at numerous festivals and club shows and a European tour.


Ember Falls unearths a fresh ground of metal, both sonically and thematically, combining elements of melodic death metal, electro, and flashy melodic hooks with a dual vocal interplay of brutality and massive chorus lines to drive the point home.
The band takes a bold peek into the digital dimension of the not-too-far future where humanity is all but diminished to just its virtual existence.

Ember Falls was signed to Ranka Kustannus in 2019, and after that the band has set a release date for the new single “Heart Shaped Black Scar” from their second album for August 9th, following with the album release in the beginning of 2020.

The Resistance is here, and they rise from Ember Falls.

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Everwave hails from Kuopio / Tampere and they have been offering atmospheric metal with distinctive riffs and powerful vocals since 2012. Their vision of modern metal is built on top of heavy sound, strong melodies and intense live presence with a hint of post-apocalyptic storyline.

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Having lived in three different countries by the age of 11, constant inspiration as well as alienation only fired up the need to express herself artistically. With boxes full of sketches and over 200 songs written by the age of 18, she abandoned her college art studies to fully focus on her music and visual arts career.

Today, Snovonne is not only known to be the woman behind the music but also the video and graphic artist behind her music’s visuals.


The interest in her ”elegantly disturbing” work has been growing steadily and she’s done plenty of art work for musicians and companies around the world.

Snovonne has been touring with her live band throughout the years, building her following the organic way. Ranging from clubs to bigger venues and festivals, the shows always lead to a strong connection with the audience. Snovonne’s authenticity attracts genuine fans. Fans that crave new music, emotion and cathartic art. Although all tours have been across Europe, the booking is working hard on including a US stretch in the near future.

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Lee Agency is an event organizing / management / booking agency located in Tampere Finland. We have over 15 years of experience and contacts in the field of event producing and music business / all the things related to them.

Along the years we have produced several tours, hundreds of shows, events from smaller business events to bigger company events and all the way from smaller cultural events to the category of biggest ones in Finland.

Our services include

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